DV Lottery 2016

American Visa Lottery.

3:10 PM 01/25/2017

American diversity visa program had accepted entries under the DV-2018 program in the year 2016. This draw is designed for the Fiscal Year 2018. Around 50,000 visas used to be given under this draw every year. Selected winners under the DV-2017 program are being called for the interview in their order now.
Eligible people are getting their visas after passing their interviews.

DV-2016 diversity visa program had been closed officially on 30th September 2016. This had accepted entries in 2014. Results were announced in 2015.

The American Green card lottery program had accepted entries from eligible people from all over the world in the year 2016. The DV 2018 entry permit draw was kept open till the month of November 2016 through American Government's official website.

Opening and closing dates for the DV-2019 program is still not announced. It is expected to take place in this year 2017. (Check our DV 2019 web page for the dates)

Application form to enter in to the draw is called as E-DV entry. It will be provided through the internet in the American Government's official website. It will be available during the entry submission period only. Normally the Application form used to be available for a period of 30 - 34 days continuously. So wait some more months to apply under the fiscal year program 2019.

People are requested to apply early as there may be a rush at the closing period of the program. During the last days, applicants may experience difficulty in accessing this website as thousands of people used to try to access it at a given time.

The program is administered by the KCC as per the US State Department instructions. The draw is officially endorsed by the American Senate House to issue 50,000 immigrant visas each year to qualified applicants who are coming from low immigrating countries. Every year millions of applicants submit their entries to try their luck from all over the world to get their entry permit. A person is allowed to submit only one entry each year till they become as a winner.

Entering the draw is free.

If selected as winner, must pay the following expenses.

If you are selected as a winner and if they found that you are ineligible at the time of the visa interview, visas will be refused.
There is no way to appeal against that decision that was made by the Consular officer.
Also the visa processing fees too will not be returned.

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Source: US State Department.